French Wakeboarding Championship at EXO 33

Hosting the French Wakeboarding Championship at EXO 33 – 5/6/7 July 2024

That’s fantastic news! Hosting the French Wakeboarding Championship at EXO 33 is a testament to the incredible facilities and opportunities for wakeboarding at the lake. It’s truly a testament to the high quality and appeal of EXO 33 as a premier wakeboarding destination.

The championship will bring together the best wakeboarders in France for an exciting and thrilling competition, showcasing their skills and talent on the water. It’s a great opportunity for spectators to witness some top-level wakeboarding action and for participants to compete against the best in the country.

This event will surely elevate the profile of EXO 33 as a top-notch wakeboarding location and attract even more visitors and water sports enthusiasts to experience the excitement firsthand. I can’t wait to see the championship unfold at EXO 33 and witness the incredible talent on display. It’s truly a thrilling time for wakeboarding at the lake!

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  5. Airbnb or Home Rentals: Platforms like Airbnb offer a variety of accommodation options, including entire homes, private rooms, or unique stays near EXO 33.

Before booking accommodation near EXO 33, it’s advisable to check availability, pricing, and amenities to find the best fit for your stay. With a convenient location just 5 minutes from EXO 33, you can maximize your time on the water and make the most of your wakeboarding experience.

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Here is a list of popular wakeboard tricks that you may see riders attempting at EXO 33 or other wakeboarding destinations:

  1. Ollie: A basic wakeboarding trick where the rider pops the board off the wake without using the board’s fins.
  2. 180: A basic rotation trick where the rider spins their body and board 180 degrees in the air.
  3. Tantrum: A backflip rotation where the rider initiates a front flip while spinning heelside.
  4. Raley: A trick where the rider extends their legs and launches off the wake, performing a backflip-like motion while keeping the board parallel to the water.
  5. Backroll: A rolling backflip trick where the rider rotates backwards in the air while keeping the board beneath them.
  6. Frontroll: Similar to the backroll, the rider rotates forward in the air, executing a front flip while keeping the board beneath them.
  7. S-bend: A trick where the rider performs a front flip while also rotating 360 degrees in the air.
  8. Method Grab: A stylish trick where the rider grabs the board with one hand and tweaks their body for added flair.
  9. Toeside Front Roll: A trick where the rider rotates frontwards off the wake while on their toeside edge.
  10. Crow Mobe: A complex trick combining a front roll with a mobius spin, where the rider rotates in the air with a front flip and a handle pass.

These are just a few popular wakeboard tricks that showcase the creativity and skill of wakeboarding athletes. Each trick requires practice, control, and technique to execute successfully. Riders at EXO 33 may be seen attempting these tricks and more as they push their limits and continue to master the art of wakeboarding.

Heavy rainfall in 2023

Due to heavy rainfall in 2023, creating perfect conditions for wakeboarding. The high water levels mean there are plenty of opportunities for jumps and tricks, making it an exciting time for wakeboarders of all skill levels.

EXO 33 offers wakeboarding lessons for beginners and advanced riders, as well as equipment rental for those who want to try out the sport for the first time. The instructors are highly experienced and provide personalized coaching to help riders improve their skills and confidence on the water.

In addition to wakeboarding, EXO 33 also offers other watersports activities such as waterskiing, tubing, and paddleboarding. So whether you’re a hardcore wakeboarder looking to hone your skills or a newbie wanting to try something new, EXO 33 has something for everyone.

Come join me at EXO 33 and experience the thrill of wakeboarding on our high waters this season!

Testimonial from clients of exo33

Taking wakeboarding lessons at EXO 33 was such an incredible experience, largely thanks to the amazing atmosphere at the facility. The staff and instructors were so welcoming and friendly, creating a positive and inclusive environment that made me feel comfortable and excited to learn.



To wakeboard at EXO 33, there are a few key essentials that you will need:

  1. Wakeboard: The most important piece of equipment is, of course, a wakeboard. EXO 33 typically offers wakeboard rentals if you do not have your own board.
  2. Life Jacket: Safety is paramount when participating in water sports, so a properly fitting US Coast Guard-approved life jacket is mandatory at EXO 33.
  3. Tow rope: A tow rope is essential for being pulled behind the boat or cable system while wakeboarding. Make sure it is in good condition and appropriate for wakeboarding.
  1. Helmet (optional but recommended): While not always required, wearing a helmet can add an extra layer of safety and protection while wakeboarding, especially when attempting tricks or jumps.
  2. Appropriate attire: Wear comfortable swimwear or athletic clothing that allows for freedom of movement. Don’t forget sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun’s rays.
  3. Positive attitude and willingness to learn: Wakeboarding can be challenging but incredibly rewarding. Approach the sport with an open mind, eagerness to learn, and willingness to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

With these essentials and the excitement of wakeboarding at EXO 33, you’ll be all set to have a thrilling and memorable experience on the water. Have fun and enjoy the ride!

I love Liquid Force wakeboards!

Their products have earned a loyal following among wakeboarding enthusiasts, and their reputation for delivering top-notch equipment continues to make them a trusted choice in the wakeboarding community. Happy shredding on my Liquid Force board at EXO 33!

Liquid Force is indeed a popular and reputable brand in the wakeboarding industry, known for producing high-quality wakeboards that cater to riders of all skill levels. Their boards are often praised for their durability, performance, and innovative designs that enhance the wakeboarding experience.

Many wakeboarders appreciate Liquid Force for their commitment to creating cutting-edge equipment that pushes the boundaries of the sport. Whether you’re a beginner learning the ropes or an experienced rider looking to take your skills to the next level, Liquid Force wakeboards are designed to provide a smooth and responsive ride on the water.

I am spending my summer weeks at EXO 33 and its a incredible experience. With the high water levels, perfect wakeboarding conditions, and a variety of watersports activities available, EXO 33 is the ideal destination for me looking to have a fun and active summer on the water.

Whether you’re honing your wakeboarding skills, trying out new tricks, or simply enjoying the relaxing ambiance of the lake, EXO 33 offers something for everyone. The sense of community, camaraderie, and shared passion for water sports at EXO 33 must make your time there even more special.

If you’re a regular at EXO 33 during the summer months, you must have many amazing memories and experiences from your time spent on the water. It’s a place where you can unwind, challenge yourself, and create lasting connections with fellow wakeboarders and watersports enthusiasts.

See you there!!


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